Discovering Spiritual Gifts: Empowering Christians to Impact the World

Do you remember hearing the old familiar saying, “What you don’t know can hurt you?” This adage is so true when it comes to understanding spiritual gifts and their importance in the life of each follower of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many Christians do not know much about spiritual gifts and, even more daunting, they can’t tell others about their divinely given spiritual gifts or how to properly use them for the Kingdom of God.


The Apostle Paul realized this dilemma when speaking to the church in Corinth. In his letter to the Corinthians, he emphasized the importance of being informed about spiritual gifts. He said, “Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers, and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed.” (1 Corinthians 12:1-3) Apostle Paul realized that ignorance in this area could not only detrimentally affect the life of each believer, but seriously negate the effectiveness of the Church in reaching the whole world for Jesus.


So, what are these spiritual gifts, and why are they essential?


Simply put, spiritual gifts are special abilities, talents, and tools given to each believer by the Holy Spirit explicitly tailored to a person’s divine calling and purpose. Just as there are different levels of faith, there are different degrees of spiritual gifts. One spiritual gift is not better than another. Rather, each one is important for the Glory of God. That’s why taking time to understand and discover your spiritual gifts, and later develop them, is a matter of great importance.


Spiritual gifts serve three key purposes:


1. To help believers in their spiritual walk.

2. To assist the body of Christ (the Church) as a whole.

3. To help us as Christians reach a lost and dying world.


From teaching and serving to encouraging and leading, each spiritual gift is uniquely positioned to impact others and fulfill God’s divine purposes. Imagine the thrill of realizing that you have a unique gift given to you by the Lord and using that gift to bless all those around you! Discovering your spiritual gift is a journey that will require you to spend quality time in the presence of the Lord in prayer, reading the Word, and even entering into times of fasting.


Apostle Paul recognized that spiritual gifts are so critical in the body of Christ that they should not be taken lightly or misused. He warned Christians against being led astray by false messages and manifestations of spirituality. We must pray for discernment to recognize authentic spiritual gifts in ourselves and others. Divinely appointed spiritual gifts will always lift up Jesus and align with the truth found in God’s Word.

Something beautiful happens when each believer realizes the importance of spiritual gifts and how to use them. That’s why it’s important for you not to spend another day remaining ignorant about what spiritual gifts you have been given to use for God’s Glory. You are a Difference Maker.


You have a vital role to radically showcase the love, compassion, and conviction of Jesus to those who do not know Him so that lives can be transformed by the blood of the Lamb and sealed with the Holy Spirit for all eternity. Get informed and don’t delay!